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We present you with an array of historical and up to date information on Myanmar’s #1 Copper Mine, as well as with our Environmental Strategy Report for the year 2015 and our defined International tactics for 2016 onwards. MYTCL is an International mining corporation enhancing its overseas focus on the sustainability of local Myanmar employees and national environmental commitments, community and culture.... read more


Wadan Dam are extension area 16/05/2016
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For more conveient to get drinking water and domestic water, Wadan administrator requested MYTCL to extend the area of Wadan dam.

Supporting in Education10/05/2016
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For more better education, Myasane administrator U Ngwe requested to construct Preprimary School and after that to build the toilet for this school for more convenient.

Opening Library for More Knowledge04/05/2016
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    For promoting more knowledge, Wadan village administrator requested MYTCL to construct and open a library for the village.

Myayake Clinic Facilities26/04/2016
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In 2015 the Myayake Village Administrator, U Kan Kyi, had requested on behalf of the Village to have a Clinic constructed as part of the CSR Projects of MYTCL.

04 May 2016
For the case of backfilling and replanting according to the mine closure plan of Seibel Mountain, MYCTL officers invited respectfully administrators on heading, CSD members and the elders, totally 11 persons to discuss openly at 9:00 a.m. of 20.4.2016 in the MYTCL meeting room and made mutually discussion.
26 April 2016
Welcome warmly to Myanmar New Year(1377-1378) of Myanmar Traditional Atar Thingyan MYTCL donated by Studeta feeding, donation to Monasteries and to the aged.
13 March 2016
The main head monk of Maha Samparyone Baddanta Vepulla Damma Kahtika doing Sasana and Ashin Yarzaneda (Writer Mg Min Soe), Ashin Kaythaya, Ashin Thawparlinkarya, Ashin Villasa on heading and the Teacher- Sayadaws from Yangon and the Village-Teachers on supporting open the training yearly starting from Myanmar Year 1368 teaching over (400) trainees at every Summer Holidays by Summer Polite and Well-bread Buddha Training and English Training and Computer Training attending base from Grade-3 and ...


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