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We present you with an array of historical and up to date information on Myanmar’s #1 Copper Mine, as well as with our Environmental Strategy Report for the year 2015 and our defined International tactics for 2016 onwards. MYTCL is an International mining corporation enhancing its overseas focus on the sustainability of local Myanmar employees and national environmental commitments, community and culture.... read more


Completion of Shwepankhine Bridge14/10/2016
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 The Shwepankhine bridge has been built successfully on 8 Oct, 2016 by MYTCL great efforts.

Further Electrical Installations19/08/2016
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According to the 2015-16 CSD program, the electrical installation in Shwepankhaing and Thedawgyi has been completed very recently for the benefit of the village community.

Special Medical Outreach12/08/2016
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  Due to the sudden flooding of the Yama Stream and the Chindwin River, the Banenwechaung Village is annually flooded by the confluence of these 2 water bodies during the Monsoon Season.

Shwepankhine Bridge Reinforcement26/07/2016
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In the 2015-16 CSR/CSD Budgets a great amount of resources were focused onto the contruction of a secondary roadway's bridge, in order to ease travel for the villagers of Shwepankhine. In mid 2016 a t [ ... ]

19 October 2016
MYTCL team including personnel from PR & CSD and S.E department held a school talk in the Ywatha primary school, in order to promote students’ knowledge regarding environmental conversation and personal health care.
20 September 2016
The school talk ( education talk) , one of the CSR functions, is under the cooperation of MYTCL & MEHL.
14 September 2016
Kangon's Buddha Worship Festival for Sasana Yeik Mon Monastery is annually held on 12th Waxing day of Tawthalin (6th month of Myanmar calendar).


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