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We present you with an array of historical and up to date information on Myanmar’s #1 Copper Mine, as well as with our Sustainability Report for the year 2016 and our defined International tactics for 2017 through 2018, and onward. MYTCL is an International mining corporation enhancing its overseas focus on the sustainability of local Myanmar employees and national environmental commitments, community and culture.... read more

15 February 2018
Fire safety is a very important issue at MYTCL. Therefor, every employee is trained on how to understand the use of a fire extinguisher, as well as which one is best to use in different circumstances. All departments within MYTCL perform emergency exercises, even the PR&CSD Department.
29 January 2018
Independence Day is a public holiday defined in Myanmar on every January 4th.On that day, there are many celebratory events and sport activities everywhere that Myanmar people participating in this event.
19 January 2018
Since the late 1990's the S&K Project Owners have made it part of their Philanthropic Programs to include in their community relations School Talks with the surrounding villages. Today, under the direction of MYTCL and in cooperation with MEHL, these talks continue to make a positive impact within the communities.

Kangon Water Request Meeting07/02/2018
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The Kangon Village has for the past few years been on a quest to have drinking water supported by MYTCL from nearby Water Sources. CSD Management met with the Kangon Representatives to discuss their  [ ... ]

Kyadwintaung Monastery Donation15/01/2018
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Located directly within the S&K Monywa No. 1 Copper Mine lease area is the Kyadwintaung Monastery on what is historically known as Tiger Mountain.

CSD Office Official Opening10/01/2018
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The CSD Environment & Community Activities Centre was developed in 2015 and has been the home for the community CSD Team and the MYTCL PR & CSD Coordination Department since then, but has had  [ ... ]

Gifts for the Aged and the Scholars16/12/2017
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It was the 16th of December, and once again the annual red carpet was rolled out for the 2 sister companies under Wanbao Mining Ltd. to embrace the elderly community, as well as the students who had a [ ... ]


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