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Community & Social Development Team - CSD

Community development is the process of increasing the strength and effectiveness of communities, improving people's quality of life, and enabling people to participate in decision making to achieve greater long-term control over their lives. Sustainable community development programs are those that contribute to the long-term strengthening of community viability. Discovery of these programs is the primary goal of the CSD Team currently being put into action for the L, S&K Mine Projects.

Community Rebuilding Principles

Community & Social Development Team - CSD

Community Rebuilding Principles

The above interim principles only serve to start the community development process by making sure that the community does not get weaker before it gets stronger.  They are not about helping the community move forward, but rather focus on making sure that the community does not go backwards.  A different and more comprehensive set of principles is required to drive change at the personal, family and community levels.

A Practical Guide to Building Sustainable Communities outlines 16 such principles, summarized as follows:


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