Strategic Environmental Stewardship
Maintaining a viable balance of economic success, environmental value, and social liability
Community & Social Responsibility
Building Lifelong Values without compromising the ability of future generations
Sustainable Mining & Development
Risk management contributes to sound management practice and community confidence in our performance
Investing in Human Capital
Diversity and equal opportunity are vital areas of consideration for our HR teams



We present you with an array of historical and up to date information on Myanmar’s #1 Copper Mine, as well as with our Myanmar Copper Mining Sustainability Report for the year 2018-19 and our defined International tactics for 2019 through 2020, and onwards. MYTCL is an International mining corporation enhancing its overseas focus on the sustainability of local Myanmar employees and national environmental commitments, community and culture.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our enhanced website from Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited. It is our endeavour to share with you the beauty of the country that we are cooperating with involving the extractive industry of copper ore from the one and only Monywa No.1 Copper Mine, and to highlight the preservation of social and environmental considerations we have implemented as a responsible mining production.

We encourage you, our International friends, colleagues, family and critics to engage with us and share your thoughts, concerns or comments regarding our activities, actions and future planning of the projects under our umbrella. MYTCL maintains an open-door policy for not only our employees, but also for our extended communities.... read more

Strategy Report 2020-2021



Our Company and our Business Ethics

MYTCL has a proud history of engineered developments in line with International practices.
The S & K mountain ranges have a long history of mine ownership and practices.
Engaging a National community of employees is the foundations of MYTCL's success.
The 21st Century finds modern societies dependent on mineral-based products in every aspect of life. Geo-scientists and engineers now need to explore locations that are not always socially, environmentally or logistically appropriate or friendly. These emerging circumstances bring to light a new age of modern mining, where responsibility in adapting and engaging ethical challenges, relationships with local communities and capacity building with governments has inspired MYTCL to place the benefits of the people first.

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What is our Social and Environmental Involvement?

Strategtic Environmental Stewardship
Strategtic Environmental Stewardship
We meet and tackle environmental challenges promoting responsible extraction through innovations across the value chain.
Governace and Risk Management
Governace and Risk Management
We are about building trusting and transparent relationships within communities in the creation of mutual benefits for all parties.
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
We involve local villages through community development programs and SME projects to evolve a sustainable post-mining platform.


At Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited we realize that it is inevitable that each of our lives will be affected by crises at one time or another.
On a micro scale, our individual reactions to crisis situations have direct influence upon ourselves, families, friends, and the MYTCL organization in which we are employed.
From a macro perspective, the decisions of management leaders, employees, as well as contractors during crisis affect all of our people. These decisions can have direct bearing upon individual health, safety, and in the extreme case, survival.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Development


Hectares out of 2,525

37.77% of total Hectares

Sustainable Progressive Mine Closure

Maintaining lands that are not required for mining purpose and the rehabilitation of completed areas of mine activities is the progressive Mine Closure Strategy of MYTCL.



Total Budget of $700,000
We have voluntarily allocated a village by village CSR budget with MEHL and have chosen to undertake community rebuilding projects in order to not only build better relationships within our communities in which we operate, but to build better stronger communities for the people of Myanmar.


Procured out of $817,448,749





Supporting our Local Community

It is the continuing focus of our top management at Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited to procure goods and services whenever possible from local industry and contractors.


Our Recent CSR News and Community Donations


What our community is saying?

U Kaweinda
U Kaweinda
Htanaunggon Monastery

"MYTCL has undertaken the responsibility to protect the environment and enhance economic development throughout our region.

U Myint Than Swe
U Myint Than Swe
Kangon Village

" I have self-confidence that what we are doing with MYTCL is right for everyone. Even for those who do not understand.

U Kyaw Moe
U Kyaw Moe
Yegyibin Village

"You cannot imagine what it means to have electricity. MYTCL has brought us sustainable power, escaping the past dark ages of Myanmar.

We aim to encourage economic and social development while reducing any negative impact from our Myanmar copper mining operations. The benefits we bring to local communities include jobs, technology, contracting, business opportunities and social investment. We work to manage any adverse impacts on the culture, livelihood, health, safety, lifestyle, security and economic development of communities. To achieve this we balance economic, social and environmental issues in our decision making process, ensuring sustainability is integrated into the very core of our mining business at Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited.

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