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We present you with an array of historical and up to date information on Myanmar’s #1 Copper Mine, as well as with our Sustainability Report for the year 2017 and our defined International tactics for 2018 through 2019, and onward. MYTCL is an International mining corporation enhancing its overseas focus on the sustainability of local Myanmar employees and national environmental commitments, community and culture.... read more

26 March 2019
According to the detailed Sabetaung mine closure plan, MYTCL has been releasing the fresh water from the Kangon Aquifer that is captured before entering into the Sabetaung Pit and sending it out to the Yama Stream. Water samples are daily monitored to ensure the quality of water by QHSE department, as well as during rain events.
23 March 2019
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) programs are systematic plans to identify, assess, and control hazards, and respond to emergencies. The related system that MYTCL utilizes to enhance safety was previously the British system of OHSAS 18001, however in May of 2019, MYTCL will convert to the newly designed ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system.
11 February 2019
The areas surrounding the MYTCL S&K Mine-site have constantly been in jeopardy of overpopulation of dogs due to the kindness of the Myanmar people in leaving food out for the strays.

School Building for Yegyibin23/03/2019
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The exiting building of Basic Education Primary School cannot provide adequate accommodation for the increasing number of students attending the expanding village of Yegyibin.

Gondaw CSR Completion17/03/2019
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Gondaw Village is located on a serene site overlooking the Yama Stream convergence towards the north-east of the S&K project.

Supporting Our Community11/01/2019
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IBC containers are commonly requested for water storage from the surrounding villages, monastic sites and the school.

Donation for the aged and the students21/12/2018
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On 18th December 2018, Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and its sister company Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited held the annual donation ceremony to embrace the elderly community, as well as the st [ ... ]


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