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A Heart to Heart Interview with Managing Director & General Manager Mr. Geng Yiskynet1

Q: First of all we would like to know about how Wanbao acquired the NO. 1 Copper Mine Project in Myanmar.

A: You would like to know the history?

Q: Yes, how was it that Myanmar Wanbao Company obtained the license for this project?

A: Ok. I would like to begin by thanking Sky Net for giving the company, and for allowing myself, this opportunity to introduce some information about the project. So for your first question, I would like to explain a little bit about the history of the project. Actually, from 2007 until 2010, for nearly four years, we were engaged in acquiring the project from its previous developer. This is the Canadian Mining Corporation of Ivanhoe. During these four years we were negotiating with both the Government and the previous shareholders regarding the acquisition of the Monywa Copper Mine Project. Actually we were not the only one negotiating for this mine. There were competitors from Korea, Russia, and also from other Chinese companies. The final decision for Wanbao to attain the project was awarded because we offered the most favourable conditions for the previous shareholders, as well as for the Government, and we won. We can say that… we won the competition finally in 2010. And that is the history.


67th-indenpendent-day01In honor of the 67th anniversary of Independence Day, Myanmar Yang Tse and Myanmar Wanbao celebrated with an opening ceremony of games. On December 13th a commemorative opening ceremony was led by Mr. Gong Qingguo, the General Manager of MYTCL with an elated opening speech. After the opening ceremony, Myanmar Yang Tse and Myanmar Wanbao played a friendly football match.During the next coming weeks a volley of matches will be played including sports such as football, volleyball, sepaktakraw, badminton, athletics, golf and many more. On January 4th 2015 the closing games will be held and an evening of events for the closing ceremonies.


New Nationally Responsible Appointments for MYTCL CMBLO Membersjakarta-blo-visit01

 Since 2011, Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited (MYTCL)has commencedmining activities with a key focus on its corporate foundation of sustainable policies relating to ‘Responsible Mining’. Utilising anIntegrated Management System (IMS) with a workflow of international standards and certifications, MYTCL sets a national example in Myanmar by transparently outliningcore values of the organisation, including occupational health and safety, fair hiringguidelines and equal opportunities for the company employees.The S&K Project that MYTCL operates has in fact maintained several certifications over the past 15 years, and to date are certified in the 3-year rolling processes of Switzerland’s SGS management systems, upholding theessential certifications for its operations of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 18001.

electricityprojectVillagers in Kyau Phyu Taing of Salingy Township in Sagaing Division have concluded their history of the lightless night thanks to an electricity installation project that Myanmar Wanbao donated to the village.
A ceremony for the completion of the 52.2-million-Kyats electricity project was held on December 3, 2013 to celebrate the historic moment together with the celebrations for library donation and school building by the company. Around 1000 villagers will benefit from the projects.

 tailingEarlier mining activity that preceded the formation of MYTCL resulted in considerable spills of tailings over 150 hectares of land east of the present operations area, where artisanal miners recover residual copper at subsistence levels.

Most of this area is under the control of the local Myanmar Authorities. MYTCL assumed responsibility to clear out the leftover tailings spills within the leased area to achieve its ISO 14001 Certification and honoured its moral obligation to help clean up part of the area outside the lease, when permitted to do so.


Strategy Report 2018-2019

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