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sam 2887MYTCL and MWMCL have introduced an employment policy for local villagers giving priority to the relocated villages and those who lost their farming land. According to this policy implemented in 2012 there were a total of 510 people recruited into various departments of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper limited, and Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited. To date these two companies employa total of 2,000 local workers. After installation of the Solvent Extraction and Electro-Wining plant at Myanmar Wanbao and the construction of the expansion SX-EW Plant at MYTCL there will be approximately 3 times more job opportunities for regional people.

ESIA – Environment & Social Impact Assessment Begins at Myanmar Wanbao

149656 112630212226851 270034528 nThe ESIA has officially been launched at Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited as the preliminary procedures have come to an end. The prestigious Australian Engineering Company of Knight Piésold takes the lead for this lengthy process working alongside Dr. Win Maung of Environment Myanmar Cooperative Company Limited - EMC, together taking the viewpoint of a third-party to complete a fair, unbiased approach to the ESIA.

Three seasons of data will be collected in order to complete the very thorough update to the already existing ESIA that was completed in 1996-7 by the Muir Company contracted by the previous MICCL. Environmentally, there has been very little change that we can see from the earlier ESIA that was completed. The real impact will be in regards to the Social and Political situation at hand.


Myanmar Wanbao's Public Response to the Investigation Commission's Inquiry

Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited (MWMCL) welcome the verdict/decision of the final report for Letpadaung Mine Project by the offical  Investigation Commission.

Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited would reiterates that the Company cares for the sustainability and future of the community in which it is situated as much as it cares for fulfilling its contractual obligations.


 A historical Seed Scattering Ceremony was performed at Sabetaung & Kyisintaung Mine's (S&K) Sabetaung Waste Dump at 10:30 am on 4th May 2013, led by the Regional Minister  of Mine & Forestry Department. Totaling participants of 125 people; 5 from the Regional Mine Ministry, 55 from the Forestry Department and 65 from Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited took part in the ceremony on the rehabilitation area of the Sabetaung North Waste Dump.

csd teamThe Community & Social Development Team – CSD

Moves Into Action

In adhering to the advice of the Final Report of the Letpadaung Investigation Commission led by Chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and Pyithu Hluttaw, Representative and Rule of Law Enforcement Committee Chairperson, MWMCL has succeeded in beginning its assistance with regional development of the area.
Moving into action, the CSD Team has been formed and has begun its first series of engagements with the surrounding communities. On May 21, the team entered Moe Gyo Pyin South and Moe Gyo Pyin North villages to meet and explain the purpose of the formation of the CSD team, as well as its planned tasks for esteemed Monks and regional people. The team was greeted with enthusiasm by the villagers, who expressed their desire and need for such a team from the Mining Company of MWMCL. During the meetings the Moe Gyo Pyin villagers reported to the team about some of their basic needs of water supply, a Middle School and electricity. MWMCL also discovered that most children of these villages stop education at the Primary level, and for those who wish to attend Middle School, a journey of 2-miles is made every school-day to attend the Mine Town School.

Interview With Mr.GengYi


“Mr Geng Yi, let’s begin our interview by discussing the report of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi that led to the creation of the IC (Investigation Commission). According to the IC report's conclusion, the IC has determined that everything is above board with the details of the Project and that it will in fact benefit the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as well as profit your company, the Project’s foreign investor. However, the most profound and perhaps only deficiency that the report uncovered was a lack of mutual transparency.

Before the most recent adjustments to the contract, the IC determined that there was little to no transparency on what the investors are doing, as well as on what the joint-venture MEHL (Myanma Economic Holding Ltd.) is doing. People were not aware of the internal activities, and the public in general was not included in any open dialogue. A most relevant question the people would like to have answered is this; how will you prepare and start to work to run your Project to attend to this transparency situation?”

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