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The Human Resources Management Department of MYTCL is carrying out free of charge training courses focusing on personal development of professional IT training and English Language training. The courses are available for MYTCL's employees, their families and local villagers. Currently under this program a total of 500 students have successfully completed certification of these skills by MYTCL teachers and professional IT personnel.

letpadaungThe draft of the ESIA has been completed and is prepared to be shared with the local communities and stakeholders. It will be reviewed and updated as a part of the integrated process of developing an ESIA that meets international standards.
The Scoping Study and the Terms of Reference were previously submitted to the Implementation Committee (IC) in April of 2013. From these the ESIA was drafted, conforming to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) standards.


 The development of this report commenced in June, 2012 and the draft submitted to the Environmental Conservation Department on the 23rd of November 2013.

11Once again the Media has their information a little misconstrued, but we appreciate them anyway :) We do suggest that in order for them to be accurate that they contact our PR Department for any information we can supply in detail.
In the linked article, which can also be found in the Myanmar language on their site, the following items are corrections to their information they have provided to the public.

1. Knight Piésold has completed a detailed Mine Closure proposal for MYTCL and this planning is now in action. A Preliminary Closure Plan for the Sabetaung Mine was prepared early in 2014 and approved for action.
The purpose for this project is to eliminate the possibility of any future environmental concerns that would exist if the Sabetaung pits were to remain open and exposed to the elements of air and water. Ultimately this plan will reduce the environmental footprint of mining in the region.



The Myanmar yang Tse Copper Limited's Community & Social Development Team (CSD) members visit the Sabetaung & Kyisintaung Mine-site for environmental inspections. Currently the CSD Team is in training regarding the Environmental Management Plans:

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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