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The famous Htanaunggon Orphan School , Pyinnyar Padaythar Youth Development Orphan School is situated in Yadanar Bon Pyan Monastery, Htanaunggon Village, Kyaukmyet Village Tract, Salingyi Township, Sagaing Division.

kyaukmyet educationtalk1A key focus of the overall direction of the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine Projects to have transparent and open communications with the local community, a programme to provide health and environmental talks, as well as to promote more unerstanding of the operations and committments of the the MYTCL #1 Copper Project (S&K), MYTCL representatives visited the Kyaukmyet Primary School.


ayegon healthtalk1The MYTCL philosophy is structured to share every aspect of the Mine activities with the surrounding communities. One very impaortant topic is that of how the Public Relations department engages the communities.


The main head monk of Maha Samparyone Baddanta Vepulla Damma Kahtika doing Sasana and Ashin Yarzaneda (Writer Mg Min Soe), Ashin Kaythaya, Ashin Thawparlinkarya, Ashin Villasa on heading and the Teacher- Sayadaws from Yangon and the Village-Teachers on supporting open the training yearly starting from Myanmar Year 1368 teaching over (400) trainees at every Summer Holidays by Summer Polite and Well-bread Buddha Training and English Training and Computer Training attending base from Grade-3 and every interesting students entrust enrolled by their guardians.

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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