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On 19-Feb-2015, at Mine Town Hospital all the children have received vaccinations against measles and German measles that is also “Vaccination Project across the Nation (2015)”. The year has been a great success with the planned infrastructure, education and elderly support initiatives supported by MYTCL and MEHL. Now utilising the contingency budget as the projects come to a close, the remaining budget is absorbed by small works. The 2014-15 CSR and Community Development Budget will come to completion on April 1st 2015.



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The most important aspect of Mine Closure for the MYTCL Organisation is the Stakeholder engagement that accompanies the project. In order to commence this action the Environment & Operational Development Manager, Mr. Glenn R. Wallis, called the nearby village representatives together and personally led them on a site tour to explain the commencement activities with a clear visual of the plans in action.

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The famous Htanaunggon Orphan School , Pyinnyar Padaythar Youth Development Orphan School is situated in Yadanar Bon Pyan Monastery, Htanaunggon Village, Kyaukmyet Village Tract, Salingyi Township, Sagaing Division.

kyaukmyet educationtalk1A key focus of the overall direction of the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine Projects to have transparent and open communications with the local community, a programme to provide health and environmental talks, as well as to promote more unerstanding of the operations and committments of the the MYTCL #1 Copper Project (S&K), MYTCL representatives visited the Kyaukmyet Primary School.

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