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ayegon healthtalk1The MYTCL philosophy is structured to share every aspect of the Mine activities with the surrounding communities. One very impaortant topic is that of how the Public Relations department engages the communities.


The main head monk of Maha Samparyone Baddanta Vepulla Damma Kahtika doing Sasana and Ashin Yarzaneda (Writer Mg Min Soe), Ashin Kaythaya, Ashin Thawparlinkarya, Ashin Villasa on heading and the Teacher- Sayadaws from Yangon and the Village-Teachers on supporting open the training yearly starting from Myanmar Year 1368 teaching over (400) trainees at every Summer Holidays by Summer Polite and Well-bread Buddha Training and English Training and Computer Training attending base from Grade-3 and every interesting students entrust enrolled by their guardians.

electricforvillages05MYTCL is now participating in inspection work on the electricity supply project completion for Yegyibin, Myayake, Myasane , Theldawgyi and Shwepankhine Villages in Theldawgyi Village Tract, Yinmarbin Township, Sagaing Region. The year has been a great success with the planned infrastructure, education and elderly support initiatives supported by MYTCL and MEHL. Now utilising the contingency budget as the projects come to a close, the remaining budget is absorbed by small works. The 2014-15 CSR and Community Development Budget will come to completion on April 1st 2015. 


uhtanhikeforelectricity01U Than Htike, Minister of Forestry, Mines and Energy is now participating in inspection works on the electricity supply project completion for Yegyibin, Myayake, Myasane, Theldawgyi and Shwepankhine Villages in Theldawgyi Village Tract. The project is the final and remaining developments from the 2014 year's budget, and is also the largest of the projects to be completed by MYTCL and MEHL in the 2014 year's frameworks. Needless to say, villagers are eager and enthised by this generous donation by the company and it's partner MEHL, and look foreward to the benefits of the mining project's charity while it operates within the region.


The village of Gondaw, located directly on the banks of the Yama Stream, sits on the precipace of the flood plains of the Chindwin and Yama convergence. Village Administrators contacted MYTCL management on the 3rd of August calling for soil and sandbags to help hold back the rising torrents.

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