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elderly aged 01On 26th January 2020, Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited with partner Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited (MEHPCL) held the annual donation ceremony to embrace the elderly community, as well as the students who had achieved scholastic recommendations by the guidance of the Sagaing Regional Government.

volleyball sepak takraw 01Volleyball is a popular team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team has three hits to attempt to return the ball. Sepak Takraw is similar to volleyball, but is played with a woven rattan ball - and without using the hands. Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited plays these sport competitions in order to enhance good wellbeing and to develop a healthy team spirit.

sport festival 01In honor of 72nd anniversary of Independence Day, MYTCL held their annual sports and entertainment with traditional dance for the staff and Mine Town families in commemoration of this festive day. The Sport Festival was held at the Mine Town Sports ground on 18th January, 2020.

football team 01Football Sport provides many health benefits for us. It's a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for players to improve their speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance.

safety induction video01Health and Safety videos are used by companies to train and inform staff members and guests to know the hazards before entering to the company, and how to take the necessary precautions in case of such a hazard. Many organizations create a safety Induction video for all their staff and contractors to complete as part of engaging new starters before they start working in the role.

sport activities 01MYTCL’s top management focuses on the implementation of developing the participation of workers as a part of the occupational health and safety management systems. There are three major sport activities in 2019: (1) MYTCL Marathon Club, (2) MYTCL Volleyball Club and (3) MYTCL Football Club (MFC). Firstly, Mr. Wang Zhen tang (Managing Director) discussed with some employees who are interested in Sports to gain their appreciation of which sports could be developed as sincere programs at MYTCL.

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