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safety norm 01It has been what seems a long 7-months at MYTCL, as employees and contractors isolate themselves from the outside world and join the Centralized Management system of MYTCL. This system incorporates all of the MOHS, WHO and international PPE standards and guidelines for protection and prevention of the Covid-19 Virus. Now in the 4th quarter of 2020, the company management has a finely tuned system in place, and an experienced group of employees and contractors working diligently throughout these troubled times.

maint lti 100 free day 01Since 2017 the Maintenance Department of MYTCL has made it their goal to regain their previous 1,000 LTI Free man-days record, and achieved this target on April 21st, 2020. The Maintenance Department is one of the high-risk departments at Yang Tse, where electricity, mechanical pumps and accessories, construction, and civil works comprise their day-to-day activities. Without a comprehensive safety management plan, and a strict adherence regime to that plan, fatalities and serious injuries could easily occur.

supply ceremony 01On October 6th the Operations Manager and HSE Director, Mr. Wallis, visited the Supply Department to pay special thanks in person for the outstanding achievement of the employees from Supply. Present were the employees currently working under the Centralized Management of MYTCL, but the award presentation and small gift set are intended for all of the staff.

mytcl logo footter resizeMyanmar Yang Tse donates a total of $700,000 USD to the 18 villages surrounding the mine lease. This is one of the highest CSR budgets in Myanmar. During the past 6 months the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the villages and MYTCL to exercise great caution, and the CSR projects were momentarily suspended to ensure community safety.

national vaccination 2020 01More children are vaccinated in Myanmar than ever before, however significant gaps in coverage remain, and there have been outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and diphtheria. Children in Myanmar receive the BCG vaccination against tuberculosis, but there is rapid drop-off in coverage for necessary doses of follow-up vaccines, including the 5-in-1 vaccine against multiple diseases, and the vaccines against polio and measles rubella.

wanbao mining logo resizeWanbao Mining Statement Regarding Amnesty International report titled:
“The Company Financing Human Rights Abuses in Myanmar”, date September 2020.
Wanbao Mining has seen the Amnesty Report.
The respect of human rights is a core value of Wanbao Mining, and we carefully monitor any issues raised in the context of mining or within the countries that we operate.

Strategy Report 2020-2021mytcl report 2021 250x351front View/Download here


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