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Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited Forms CSD Team to Implement CSR Planning

csd team

The Community & Social Development Team – CSD

Moves Into Action

In adhering to the advice of the Final Report of the Letpadaung Investigation Commission led by Chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and Pyithu Hluttaw, Representative and Rule of Law Enforcement Committee Chairperson, MWMCL has succeeded in beginning its assistance with regional development of the area.
Moving into action, the CSD Team has been formed and has begun its first series of engagements with the surrounding communities. On May 21, the team entered Moe Gyo Pyin South and Moe Gyo Pyin North villages to meet and explain the purpose of the formation of the CSD team, as well as its planned tasks for esteemed Monks and regional people. The team was greeted with enthusiasm by the villagers, who expressed their desire and need for such a team from the Mining Company of MWMCL. During the meetings the Moe Gyo Pyin villagers reported to the team about some of their basic needs of water supply, a Middle School and electricity. MWMCL also discovered that most children of these villages stop education at the Primary level, and for those who wish to attend Middle School, a journey of 2-miles is made every school-day to attend the Mine Town School.

On May 25th the CSD team divided into four groups and ventured into Phaung Kar South, and again to Moe Gyo Pyin South, Moe Gyo Pyin North, and also into Moe Gyo Pyin Middle villages. On May 26th the team accelerated its outreach and divided into groups to speak and listen to seven villages. They met with the village committee of War Tann village, and also went to the Shwe Pann Khine and The' Daw to carefully document the needs of residents, in order to report to the Committee, about the reconstruction and decoration requests for the Shwe Pann Khine Ywa Oo Monastry. Within the seven villages of Lel Ti, Ywa Shae, Pa Laung, Taung Pa Lu, War Tann, Shwe Pann Khine and The' Daw, the CSD Team worked towards the creation of village Libraries with the donation of books, collecting social data and questionnaires on the mine's potential social impacts of these villages.


Strategy Report 2019-2020


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