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Wanbao Mining's President Chen Defang Visits Monastery at Old Zee Daw village


On the 28th of September, a Wanbao delegation led by Wanbao Mining President Chen Defang and General Manager Geng Yi, made a visit to the monastery at Zee Daw old village. The visit was the culmination of several months of successful communication to build up to this occasion.

Myanmar Wanbao believes in leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to the local communities. We believe that most things in life can be resolved through clear and honest dialogue.


Zee Daw village is a highly valued neighbour of ours, and one of the villages that is due for relocation but it is also one that has been much in the press due to many misunderstandings about Wanbao. Most of the village households in Zee Daw have now relocated to the new village and have availed themselves of new houses and compensation for their old lands provided by Wanbao.

Wanbao approached Zee Daw repeatedly to have face-to-face and frank dialogue to deal with all outstanding issues. The villagers of Zeedaw said that they would only speak to "Wanbao decision makers". Wanbao obliged, and the President himself came especially from Beijing to meet with them.

Unfortunately when the President and the General Manager, Geng Yi, arrived at Zeedaw, they found that the people present at the monastery did not want to have dialogue, despite their calls for the contrary. Both men, and their team, waited patiently to be allowed to enter. They made a special request to meet the His Holiness the Monk at the Monastery. Their request was ignored. President Chen was deeply saddened. President Chen left a letter addressed to the Monk stating his belief that only face to face dialogue is the way forward to build common understanding and resolve any issue. He also wrote that he still desires to meet His Holiness whenever possible to explore all avenues to build a better future for the people of Zee Daw and to create better relations between the villagers and Wanbao.

Despite this disappointment, Wanbao will continue reaching out to all its neighbours and will continue building bridges will all villages.


Strategy Report 2018-2019

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