MYTCL & MEHL Join Forces in an Environmental Project


Earlier mining activity that preceded the formation of MYTCL resulted in considerable spills of tailings over 150 hectares of land east of the present operations area, where artisanal miners recover residual copper at subsistence levels.

Most of this area is under the control of the local Myanmar Authorities. MYTCL assumed responsibility to clear out the leftover tailings spills within the leased area to achieve its ISO 14001 Certification and honoured its moral obligation to help clean up part of the area outside the lease, when permitted to do so.


In 2006-2007, part of the affected area along the Kyaukmyet Road and in some lease areas was cleaned-up and reclaimed with local contract workers: old tailings were sent back to the Tailings Dam. Several requests were sent out to the Myanmar Government in 2012 to allow MYTCL, at our own expense, to assist in complete restoration of these lands. Although this is not MYTCL's responsibility, we see the need to aid the people in recovering good farmlands and to cease the undesirable polluting of the groundwater, the Aquifer and of the self-inflicted poisoning that these activities produce.

In December of 2013 MYTCL was approached by Regional Authorities to commit to the undertaking of removing the tailings from the approx. 153 acres of land that had been polluted over the decades. On January 6th, 2014 the Government Assistance Tailings Reclamation CSR Project for Legacy ME1 Environmental Spill began with MYTCL making a corporate donation to the region that would cover the span of more than 200 days of tailings removal and land rehabilitation.

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