Villagers Welcome MYTCL & MWMCL Electricity Project


Villagers in Kyau Phyu Taing of Salingy Township in Sagaing Division have concluded their history of the lightless night thanks to an electricity installation project that Myanmar Wanbao donated to the village.
A ceremony for the completion of the 52.2-million-Kyats electricity project was held on December 3, 2013 to celebrate the historic moment together with the celebrations for library donation and school building by the company. Around 1000 villagers will benefit from the projects.

Mr Geng Yi, Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao, attended the ceremony and shared the joyous moment with the villagers and the Government officials led by Mr U Hla Tun, the chairman of the Implementation Committee of the Lepataung Copper Mine Investigation Commission.

A woman in her 40's who was shy to disclose her name said: "I don't know how to describe my feeling. Anyway, I'm very happy about the projects." Speaking of the school building and library donations, she added the illiteracy rate is high in the village and the projects will help children improve their education.
The Kyau Phyu Taing villagers are only small portions of the beneficiaries of the Community and Social Development (CSD) projects that Myanmar Wanbao has donated for the mine-impacted area. By the end of November, the company has invested more than 1 billion Kyats for 30-plus CSD projects in road repairing, school building, water supply system renovation, electricity facility installation, hospital construction and medical care for 33 project-impacted villages in the region to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
"Myanmar Wanbao cares about people here," said Mr Geng Yi. "We are happy to see local communities benefit from the development of the Letpataung Project and at the same time, we aim to have a harmonious relationship with the communities."

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