CSR Water Sampling


Corporate Social Responsibility starts with ensuring that any impact to the community, the environment or to the natural elements directly in relation to the S&K Mine, are monitored and measured with transparency. MYTCL's Safety & Environment Department co-operated with MEHL in sampling the pit to surface discharged water from the Sabetaung Pit.

Locations were chosen along the discharge route to monitor any changes to the effluent at the 555 level fresh water sump; along the discharge drain to Yama Stream; up and down Stream of Yama and up and down stream of Chindwin River Water samples were measured both on site in the MYTCL labs, as well as off-site in Mandalay at a third party national institution for comparison analysis. MYTCL has monitored this effluent for more than a decade and has successfully allowed the fresh water Kangon Aquifer, intercepted by the mine pit, to recharge the Yama Stream on a daily basis with a transmissivity ranging from 300 - 1000 cubic meters per hour of fresh water.




Strategy Report 2018-2019

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