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 Since 2011, Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited (MYTCL)has commencedmining activities with a key focus on its corporate foundation of sustainable policies relating to ‘Responsible Mining’. Utilising anIntegrated Management System (IMS) with a workflow of international standards and certifications, MYTCL sets a national example in Myanmar by transparently outliningcore values of the organisation, including occupational health and safety, fair hiringguidelines and equal opportunities for the company employees.The S&K Project that MYTCL operates has in fact maintained several certifications over the past 15 years, and to date are certified in the 3-year rolling processes of Switzerland’s SGS management systems, upholding theessential certifications for its operations of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA 18001.


The Copper Mine Basic Labour Organisation (CMBLO), established by the employees of MYTCL was registered with the New Myanmar Labour Law in 2012,attracting 800 members from the mining company to work hand in hand with the Administration and Human Resources Management of MYTCL.Now in its 3rd year of continuance, the CMBLO has grown into a steady support structure of the company employees and has elected its 2nd batch of Executive Committee Members.

In 2014, under the International Labour Convention -87, the Mining Workers Federation of Myanmar (MFWM) was registered as a part of the labour activities of the country, due to the interest and capabilities of the CMBLO and other similar labour parties. Consequently the CMBLO Chairman, U ThaungNyint, was elected to represent the MWFM as President and take on the responsibilities of leading the mining labour workers for the whole of Myanmar.

The CMBLO of MYTCL took active part in the progression of the labour organisation from 2012 through to the end of 2014, and attended local tripartite meetings and workshops in Yangon, Mandalay, Nawpyidaw and with the Myanmar Government President's foreign trip to Thailand, to learn how to improve industrial relationships, recognise the requirements of minimum wages, and on how to train the youth and women within the industry.Supported in full by the MYTCL organisation, and to ensure the success of the CMBLO, MYTCL has continued to assist the labour organisation wherever possible. In 2013 an employee labour contract was signed by all MYTCL staff with CMBLO support. In 2014 the MYTCL General Manager approved the construction of the labour office in Mine Town, providing equipment and facilities for the CMBLO to grow and operate efficiently.

In December of 2014, MWFM President U ThaungNyint, from the Supply Department of MYTCL, was invited by the ILO to attend a 'Regional Workshop Tripartite on Improving Safety and Health in Mining for Selected Asian Countries' in Jakarta, Indonesia. Accompanied by U Khin Maung Swe, acting head of department for the Safety and Environment Department, U ThaungNyint represented the MYTCL CMBLOon December 16-18 as presenter of the remarkable progress their organisation had made with cooperation of the company it worked within. MYTCL supported this engagement with all business trip benefits in continuance of the constructive relationship between the CMBLO and the company.

Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Australia, Geneva ILO staff and theIndustrialGlobal Union staff members attended this workshop, discussingfurther development and knowledge sharing within the ILO conventions such as C-176. The upgrade of existing practices and reaching for continual improvement in each of these SE Asian countries, especially for the mining sectors, is still a goal that requires much work and international communications.

During the Workshop MYTCL representatives took the stage in order to introduce to their colleagues from other countries the work that had been successfully implemented into the MYTCL organisation regarding OHS, policies, certification and the many other mutual works that have occurred between company and the employees. They also took this opportunity to share with the international community the SHE Report from 2013-14, presenting the transparency objectives that MYTCL has with both its workers and with its community. Other country representatives, including the ILO senior staff, commented that the SHE Report was an impressive practice and something that should be adopted by other countries.

MYTCL sponsors the work of the CMBLO and also the objectives and priorities of the ILO; to build on employee and company relationships and to create a work environment that is mutually beneficial and healthy. As the mining industry in Myanmar escalates and the organisations grow in numbers, it is expected that greater works will be required of the MYTCL CMBLO and its experienced members, as has already been seen by the important appointment of President of the MFMW. MYTCL states that, as a new company in Myanmar it is proud of the success of its CMBLO representatives, who now hold greater responsibility for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and for their excelling cooperation with the MYTCL organisation.











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