Daily Eleven Miscalculates MYTCL

watersample1On September 30th Daily Eleven News posted an unjustified and inaccurate public newspaper report regarding water management of MYTCL. Nothing could be further from the truth.

MYTCL has maintained a Zero-discharge Policy, and contaminated surface water, as well as solution created during the mining processes is managed in a system that reuses all water resources. On the 26th of September there was an extreme rain event that produced 67mm of rainfall within a very short period of time of approximately 40 minutes on the mine's south-western areas. During this time, rainwater catchments overflowed and this water drained into the Dhammapala Creek, taking with it small fish (fingerlings) that had been affected by the heavy rains and the storm surges that flashed through the water basin areas. MYTCL is constantly monitoring these areas, especially during the entire Monsoon Seasons every year, as fresh water gently flows off site and into the creeks and streams surrounding the Project. This allows for a natural ecosystem to establish in preparations for Mine Closure and full rehabilitation of the site. Data indicates that there was no impact to the surrounding areas, creeks, stream and river outside of the lease area, and that there was no significant change to the water quality during the rain event that was out of the ordinary for this season.

MYTCL has an established philosophy to always be transparent in all activities and communications with the communities and government authorities. Concerns were raised by villagers regarding the storm event, and the Company's Community Development and PR Department met with the villagers to share the action that would occur within the following days. Swift response to the fears of possible contamination of the creek and stream were addressed by the Company, and despite the confidence that there was no need for alarm MYTCL conducted a series of additional sampling in varied locations to provide analytical proof for the government. A 3rd party was also sent samples in order to allow for an unbiased reporting of the results. All results analysed by the laboratories on site have displayed water quality and characteristics that meet the MYTCL criteria of the World Bank Standards adhered to by MYTCL.

On the 27th the Yimarbin Administrator was in contact with MYTCL and a meeting was arranged with more than 10 Ministry Representatives of the Yimarbin Regional District to discuss and receive the reporting of the rain event from MYTCL Management. A site visit followed on the 30th and action taken was reviewed by the representatives. MYTCL provided data and photographic evidence to the authorities in order to calm the villagers concerns, and to identify that there had been no environmental, nor health impacts to any of the water resources of the region by MYTCL. Environmental Management is MYTCL's top priority, and sustainable, forward-thinking is the Corporate Culture adopted by this internationally established Company. Enhancement of water controls were followed by improvement protocols and new and progressive planning was implemented immediately regardless of the natural event.

We want our communities to know that we do not take lightly any such event, even if there is no harm caused to the outside environment and to the people we call neighbours, friends and family. We are always looking to improve our own systems to help those within our region to feel comfortable and safe within their own homes, knowing that we have strong and clear guidelines that we adhere to, which are created by National Law and international practices. MYTCL warmly welcomes any professional persons or organisations to monitor and test the river and stream for impact from the S&K Project, and to inform MYTCL of any findings.

MYTCL condemns the accusations posted in Daily Eleven News against the Company. It should be noted by media groups, such as Daily Eleven News, that proper journalism should go beyond the opinions of one person. MYTCL reserves the right to take legal action against false and derogatory reporting of the MYTCL organisation, and any such false journalism will in no manner be tolerated at any level.



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