Mine Town Family Kahtein



The Myanmar Yang Tse and the Mine Town employees with their families celebrated the 26th Family Mahar Bone Kahtein Donation Ceremony at B.E.H.S. Kyayni, on November 11th 2015.

This festival is called the Kathein Robe Offering Festival of Tazaungmon, and annaully occurs within the Mine Town and celebrated by both employees of MYTCL and the town inhabitants. Kathein Pwe, as it is also known, is the collective offerings of robes, food stuffs and gifts to monks. All the offerings are collected street by street and attached to the moveable stands called “Padesapin” (symbolising the tree of Primeval days from which one could wish for and get everything one wishes). Those Padesapin are lined up in a procession and send to the selected monasteries of Mine Town for donation. The robe offering during this period is called Kathein robe.

 The Monasteries which the Mine Town Family donated to in this 2015 ceremony were;

1. Zambuwadi Moanastery, Ayegon Village
2. The Monastery, Ywatha Village
3. The Monastery, Shwepannkhine Village.

The festival total amount of donations offered by the MYTCL employees and management was over 93 lakhs. (9,300,000 kyat or approximately $6,650.00 USD)





Kathein Robe Offering Festival of Tazaungmon

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