Independance Day Festival



Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited annually engages and supports the celebrated sport competitions and entertainment performance groups every year to enhance good health, and to lift up the employees interactions beyond the mining activities with villagers from surrounding areas.

Mine Town family  celebrated variety sports of the 68th anniversary of Independence Day Sports Competition Festival and Performance Play Group. The employees and their families of the S&K copper mining project and Minetown Administration of MEHL took part in many sports competitions such as running,  jumping and throwing, volley ball, cane-ball, badminton, table tennis, golf, and even chess at a variety of prepared locations; Mine Town Football Field, Cane-ball Court, Badminton Nawarat Hall and of corse at the famous Mine Town Golf Club. The Performance Play Group, Sein Kyaw Thabin Zat Group, performed on 4.11.2016 and 5.11.2016 to the crowds. MYTCL awarded an assortment of prizes and trophies to the many winners of the competitions. All employees and villagers took part in the sport competitions, and as always with great enthusiasm and in the spirit of friendly, yet serious competitiveness, the games were a success.



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