The Beauty of Pahtan in Dondaw


Dondaw Village is situated beside the Pathein-Monywa Road and about 500 metres from the Yama Stream in the north of Yinmarbin Township, and located directly on the lease boundary of MYTCL.

The Mahar Pahtan Pwe, the relegious festival of the village is celebrated with much crowded from Myanmar Year 1377, Tabotwe Lasan 8 to 12 from day to night. Heading by the Saydawthe head monk of Wizawdar Yone, instructing the good way of Mahar Pahtan Pwe Celebration, the other head Monks and the head men, the supprting men, food donors, medical donors, tea donors, donors for breakfast of monk, cold drink donors, the working donors for every jobs of 5 days from day to night, the Nobel Sangha for reading Phthan all are working hard.

Making Pahtan Pwe, worshippinng to the Nobel Sanghas (monks) reading Pahtan (Ninsa Mingar), donation to monks, Sangha(Darninsa Mingalar), worshiping to the honours (Thila(precept), Thamardi(integrity), Pyinnyar(knowledge) of the monks (Pusaza Puza Nayar Minglar), listening carefully to the Dhamma (Karlayna Damma Tharwana Minglar), get these four good things(Minglar), the villagers are very happy. The Dondaw village, believing to Buddha, celebrated 21th Mahar Pahtan Pwe for the three aims as follows:
1. Not to destroy of Buddha Sasana
2. Long length time of Buddha Sasana
3. Strong time of Buddha Sasan



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