Computer Donation to Mahar Samparyone


The main head monk of Maha Samparyone Baddanta Vepulla Damma Kahtika doing Sasana and Ashin Yarzaneda (Writer Mg Min Soe), Ashin Kaythaya, Ashin Thawparlinkarya, Ashin Villasa on heading and the Teacher- Sayadaws from Yangon and the Village-Teachers on supporting open the training yearly starting from Myanmar Year 1368 teaching over (400) trainees at every Summer Holidays by Summer Polite and Well-bread Buddha Training and English Training and Computer Training attending base from Grade-3 and every interesting students entrust enrolled by their guardians.

In this year 2016 (Myanmar Year 1377), the Summer Polite and Well-bred Buddha Training will be 10th and the English Training and Computer Training will be  5th. The fist group including from Grade-3 pass to Grade-10 pass will be taught and so do the second including Grade-11 pass and University students. The instructors are Mahar Samparyone Sayardaw Baddanda Vepulla (Sasana Damma Sariya , Winaya Widu,Ingotaya Karya Widu,Damma Kahtika) from Kangon, Ashin Kaytaya, Mahar Samparyone from Kangon, Ashin Thawparkar Linkarya (Pariyatti Sasanar Linkarya Tharmanay Kyaw, Ganna Warsa Tharmanaykyaw, Sasanar Daza Damma Sariya, Pariyatti Sasanar Hita Damma Sariya, Diploma, B.A.,M.A. (Thesis )ITBMU World Wippatana Bateman Monastery) from Mayangon, Yangon. The training teachers are Mg Soe Min Oo( B.A (Myanmar)), Ma Soe Myat Mon (B.Sc(Pys;) M,Sc( Hons;),Ma Than Than Soe(B.Sc(Pys;)),Ma Hay Man Thin(B.Sc(Pys;) ), Ma Thandar Win(B.Sc(Bio-Chem)). For opening training successfully, N-G Link Computer Center Sales, Services & Training family and (ITC Computer Center & Training) family participate in help and support. The intentions of the trainings are to use time valuably during summer holidays, to be polite and well-bred new born of Buddha Sasana for our village, country, religion and Sasana (from normal Buddhism to real Buddhism), to know wide-spread about English International Language) all over the world, to know and be skillful in the computer technology and to be an outstanding students by teaching in written and practical from the training. There are 4 training tents and hothouse building for (15) computers in the training monastery. Myanmar Yang Tse donated one set of a computer. From Grade-3 pass and Grade-9 pass student, it is classified into first level, second level, third level, fourth level and advanced level and award the prices and give certificates and donate bags, umbrellas, slippers and school useful things to Grade-3 and Grade-4 pass and celebrate the literature festival as the successfully festival of the trainings in convenient.




Strategy Report 2018-2019

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