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The most important aspect of Mine Closure for the MYTCL Organisation is the Stakeholder engagement that accompanies the project. In order to commence this action the Environment & Operational Development Manager, Mr. Glenn R. Wallis, called the nearby village representatives together and personally led them on a site tour to explain the commencement activities with a clear visual of the plans in action.

Mine Closure is a very complex and detailed Engineering achievement that is not only difficult to understand for village lay-persons, but also difficult to envision. Mr. Wallis took it upon himself to assist in the understanding by guiding a tour to some of the areas that are currently in action, and which will later engage the community in regards to land relinquishment and final land-use. MYCTL officers and CSD members with village elders, totalling 11 persons came to discuss openly the Mine Closure of the Sabetaung Pit and Waste Rock Dump at 9:00 a.m. on the 20.4.2016. A presentation was delivered by Mr. Wallis in the MYTCL meeting room and an open question period was permitted to allow for clarity. The local men agreed that MYTCL should continue with the project, and to also continue to allow the villagers to see the activities as they progress with understanding. MYTCL officers appreciate the corporation and understanding of the local men, as well as their good will and intentions to suppport the organisation in regards to Mine Closure and community engagement.

Mr Wallis will continue to engage the community and to transparently share the design and details of this incredible project.


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