Kyaukmyet Shwemyintin Festival

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The Kason Full Moon Festival of the Shwemyintin Pagoda, situated on the Kyaukmyet mountain just east of the MYTCL Mine Site is celebrated in great numbers every year.

There is a coordination meeting lead by village administrator, head of monasteries and elders to hold this pagoda festival in the first week of Tagu (the first month of the Myanmar calendar). They visit to the vicinity of their village and get some donation (i.e. cash, various kinds of food, etc) which is happily intended to contribute a charitable remark in the form of some meal and snacks to the people who shall come and enjoy this ceremony. At the same time they offer 'Soon' (rice and curry when the monks have a meal) and 'Wuthtu' (cash when donating to monks) to the monks invited from various monasteries. Most of the villagers and visitors also perform merit deeds in a Myanmar traditional way such as 'soon', offering lights and flowers, gilding gold foil (specially modified the gold as a thinner sheet to gild to Buddha statues and stupas), pouring of water over the Buddha statue and 'Ah mya waay' (sharing their good things done to others to get a same benefit) at the Pagoda campus in the festival day, full moon day of Kason (the second month of Myanmar calendar). They also do a lot of entertainments as a mark of successful ceremony for two days after the major day (full moon day of Kason).


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