Htanaunggon Orphan School

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The famous Htanaunggon Orphan School , Pyinnyar Padaythar Youth Development Orphan School is situated in Yadanar Bon Pyan Monastery, Htanaunggon Village, Kyaukmyet Village Tract, Salingyi Township, Sagaing Division.

The school is built at 1906 and the builder is the Monk, Oo Kay Thaya. The Monk , Oo Awbatha ( 1935-1940), the Monk, Oo Zawana (1940-1956), the Monk, Oo Nandiya(1956-1997) and U Kawwida(1997 up to now) are administrative.

Since 1962, the school is the government accepted house and in this year, free educational school registered and then became the government middle school. At 2015-16 educational year, the school became the government high school. Since 1962, Social Service Department supported rice(60) bags yearly and now 15395 kyats. The number of children is 93 persons. The races are Burmese, Pa Oh and Narga. The number of Pre-primary students is 2, Kinder Gerten,4, Grade-1,11, Grade-2,8, Grage-3,10, Grade-4,13, Grade-5,10, Grade-6,15, Grade-7, 11, Grade-8,7 and Grade-9,2. There are some changes in number of students in the beginning of every year. The costs for donation for breakfast or lunch or dinner are 70000 kyats with pork curry to feed, 90000 kyats with chicken curry to feed and 3 lakhs(300000) kyats for life to feed. The aim is to help and care the life’s difficulties of fatherless, motherless, the orphan and the dependent less children who cannot attend school all over the country. The supervisors are President, Oo Kawwida, Vice-president, U Mint, Secretory, U Soe Moe Kyaw, Assistant Secretory, U Kyaw Mint, Members, U Kyaw Than, U Mint Saw, U Than Lone, U Mint Thu, Auditor, U Aung Min, Assistant Auditor, U Kyin Aung and Finance, Oo Kawwida. To contact to donate is Sayadaw U Kawwida , Yadanarbonpyan Monastery, Htananggon village, Kyaukmyet Village Tract, Salingyi Township, Sagaing Division phone- 0947053181 and U Phay Khin Oo, Saint San Yay Orphan Supporter Group, Ayekayit Paints and Beauty Saloon and Supermarket, Sai Tan Street, Big Pagoda Ward, Monywa, phone- 0949256035,09250205265.


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