Community Consultation on Health at Kyaukmyet

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A key focus of the overall direction of the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine Projects to have transparent and open communications with the local community, a programme to provide health and environmental talks, as well as to promote more unerstanding of the operations and committments of the the MYTCL #1 Copper Project (S&K), MYTCL representatives visited the Kyaukmyet Primary School.

Lead by the Safety Department and the PR & CSR Department Members from MYTCL a presentation of the project was offered. Students, teachers, parents, Village Administrators and villagers attended with great interest.

The focus of the presentation was directed to how the project management maintains and ensures the environment surrounding the area, so that there is no direct impact and that there are processes in the works to develop a sustainable ecosystem once mining activities have been completed. Due to the necessity for books, pencils and other school supplies, donations are always made during these presentations to the students as part of the program that has been implemented since the early Philanthropic Programs of MYTCL since its inception in 2011.

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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