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It was November 24th, 2016 that MYTCL made history for the organisation.

Culminating in a year that took the efforts of every employee, and that was enhanced through the Managing Director’s hands-on approach to optimising and resourcing strengths into areas where they were needed most. On this day Mr. Zhang Yupeng, MD & Chairman spoke the following word of inspiration and gratitude to a group of selected excellent achievers for the accomplishments leading to this early annual goal.

“Last year we were not able to achieve our maximum production goals, and you all worked so very hard. But this year… this year you have won a historical battle and overcame our past attempts and delivered 50,000 tonnes. Our various departments united and worked together to achieve today’s results, which reflects our strong wills and spirited teamwork. I express my sincerest of thanks to you all on behalf of Yang Tse management and Wanbao Mining Ltd in Beijing. I truly believe that we will achieve even more brilliant goals such as this in our future!”


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