Special Security Graduation Ceremony

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The Special Security Training Course (1/2017) graduation ceremony was opened at Nawarat Hall in Mine Town under MYTCL guidance on 3.2.2017 (Friday).

MYTCL has employed a professional Security Company to assist in the improvement structure of the Security and Fire department for the S&K Project, Peace Rays Security Service Company. Present on the occasion were Trainers, MEHL officials, MYTCL officials and trainees. This special training was designed to assist the existing Security  and Loss Control and Internal Security Force and Fire Brigade employees in their duties. Over the years the Security Department has been comprised of a majority of low educated villagers, while educated persons hold higher posts due to the job requirements of each post. Within the mine site the education levels are very high and most posts above Grade-7 require secondary education. In order to assist the communities with job opportunities, MYTCL management allowed uneducated and unskilled villagers to work in the security sector. As there has not been permission granted to construct fencing or barricades around the mining facilities, security is a high risk to the miners. Villagers, farmers, animals and herders are constantly trespassing on the mine lease and endangering themselves and the workers. Since the security forces have been composed of the very same villages, security is an issue. This new training from a 3rd Part allowed MYTCL to have the existing employees understand their responsibilities from a Myanmar led group of professionals. The Managing Director of MYTCL has been very impressed with the progress and has allowed the training to continue indefinitely. This first batch of training covered 4 weeks of daily exercises and training.

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