Kyadwintaung Monastery

kyadwintaung generator1

On June 26th the Kyadwintaing Monastery received a donation of power via a special donation by the Managing Director of MYTCL.

A 6,500w generator was happily received by the Monks of the Kyadwintaing Moanstery, which are loacted within the Mine Lease of the S&K Project. As the waste rock dump will surround the monastery in the future, and the Monk's home will in essence become a part of the mine itself, special considerations have been made to assist the Monastery. The Kyisintaung WRD (waste rock dump) will be lowered to drop below the elevations of the Monastery and a new access road be put in place that will in the future be much more accessible than the current one. Water and power will then be directly added to the historic Monastery that sits upon the peaks of the Kyadwintaung Mountain.

kyadwintaung generator2

kyadwintaung generator3
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