Education on H1N1 Seasonal Flu

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MYTCL is taking part to assist government protective measures regarding the H1N1 epidemic broken out in Myanmar by dissemination of leaflets, including symptoms and ways to protect oneself from the H1N1 virus, to the patients and villagers receiving Medical Mobile Team services.

The MMT is a medical service contributed voluntarily by MYTCL.

Symptoms on Flu Outbreak H1N1 (leaflet)
1. Coughing
2. Sickness (fever 37.8°C and above) (onset fever above 3 days)
3. Blocked Nose
4. Headache
5. Drowsiness
6. Unconsciousness
7. Body pain
8. Foot / Hand Cool

Ways of Protection
1. To wear Mask
2. Use handkerchief when coughing
3. Wash hands properly with antibacterial soap often
4. To avoid visiting to dense populated areas that are affected
5. Go and see the doctor nearby in time if symptoms of seasonal flu continue for two days 


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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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