The Role of CSD Coordination

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The Public Relations and Community & Social Development Department serves as a critical player in the completion of the annual CSR/CSD Projects.

At times, this coordination is very complex and can lead to delays and even the re-evaluation of projects already in motion. Dondaw Village electrical installation is one such project. Implemented in the 2016-17 bugdet, the project has been scrutinized by villagers refusing to allow power poles to be erected in the preproposed locations.

All parties converned with this installation were gathered by the PR & CSD Department management to discuss the issues and to organize a common agreement to allow the already much overdue installtion to come to completion.

CSD Village Representatives, MYTCL employees and the village electrical committee met with village leaders to determine the project changes and come to an overall agreement of relocating some of the final power poles to be installed.

Thanks to the PR & CSD Team the Dondaw Village electrical installation will proceed smoothly.

dondaw electric

Strategy Report 2018-2019

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