Kathina Robe-Offering Ceremony

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Signs of the rainy season, and the time of Myanmar's Waso, come to an end with the emergence of the Bhuddist Monks from their monasteries where they have retreated for the past 3-months to endure the Monsoons.

Kathina is a religious time, and the ceremonies take place during the whole month of October until the full moon day of Tazaungmon (November). Yellow robes are offered to the monks along with other gifts for their well-being and hung upon a wooden frame, historically used to measure and cut the fabric from to make a robe.

On Mine Site, and within Mine Town during this month there is great activity and interaction between theMining Company of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and the community. Senior Chinese and Canadian managers join in this cultural event and make offerings as well to the local monasteries, guided with delight by the Myanmar mine staff. MYTCL held its annual 28th Kathina Festival at the Nawaret Hall of Mine Town on the 22nd, October 2017. All of the departments from the mine operations with Mine Town School collaborated in this festival and donated new robes and other supplies to local monasteries. These offering include everything from fans, towels, soap, and money hung upon the tree-like wooden decorated frame called a Padethapin. The receiving monastery is sent a Padethapin, which is determined by random selection, and carried by trucks to send to the respected monasteries of the S&K Project; Hnin Taw Monastery from Naungbingyi Village, Zayar Thiri Monastery from Kyaw Ywar Village, and Aung Chan Thar Monastery from Paungga Village.

This full-moon festival is also known as the Festival of Light, and with it brings the chance for new loves to be united. Weddings are once again permitted after the 3-month wait during the rains, and what has been come to be known as 'Buddhist Lent' comes to an end for many who have given up luxuries, in order to emulate Buddha. Street vendors fill the villages around MYTCL and celebrations come to life with the spirit of giving.

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