Letpadaung Stupa Ceremony

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To mark of the end of the ‘Buddhist Lent’, Thadingyut festival usually falls in October, the seventh month of the Myanmar Calendar.

It is one of the most prominent festivals of the year. Pagodas, houses, public buildings, parks and monuments are all illuminated and there are various kinds of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Letpadaung Taung Kyar Stupa’s Buddha Puzaniya and dry ration ceremony was held at the near Kyaw Ywar village, Salingyi Township, Yimabin District, Sagaing Divison on 1st November 2017. On the 31st October 2017, local people and the community offer the lighting of 1,000 candles to the Buddha.

In order to keep the Buddha’s sasana for long life, the 4th Buddha Puzaniya ceremony would be held under the guidance of the Buddha Trustee and religious team, with Myanmar Wanbao Mining Company Limited, MEHL, and locals people collaborated in this religious festival and offered purified water, flower, food, lighter and Incense to Letpadaung sacred Stupa. 57 invited Sayartaw (monks) were donated offerings and dry ration at 09:30 am in the morning. Superintendents from all department in MYTCL, MEHL, and the responsible person from Myanmar Wanbo Mining Company attended this ceremony.


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