Road Upgrading in Mine Site

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The Main Gate #1 of the S&K Project has always been a busy place where employees board and depart from the Mine-Site Ferry Buses that transport them to and from their areas of work.

On 28 September 2017, MYTCL commenced road upgrades to improve the connectivity for those who live and work in the S&K Project. This project was led by the ES department, and the upgrading of the Mine Site Road now provides a two-lane divided road from the MYTCL New Administration Offices to the Mine Gate #1, with a safe employee walkway now in the completion phases. Employees will no longer suffer from dry and dusty congregation areas at the entry point of Gate#1, where many vehicles pass to and from the site as employees wait for their transport.

This cleaning of the area will be a sample for other areas under consideration, such as the newly established Gate #2. Conceptual planning is currently under considerations for the Mine Town Main roads leading to the Hospital, as well as to the Kyaukmyet jetty where barges are loaded and unloaded carrying supplies during the year.

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