Kyaukmyet School Talk

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The school talk program initiated by the guidance of MEHL cooperated with MYTCL is scheduled once a month for the schools in MYTCL surrounding villages.

CSD office organizes QHSE department to make a arrangement after agreement with the principal of school we are going to hold a talk.The topic may vary from one school to another but most are common regarding about safety, personal hygiene and environmental conservation carried out by the related persons of QHSE. The talk style on question and answer is also applied in the talk. The students get more interested in our talk. It more beneficial in their knowledge based learning in academic curriculum. The team also explained how the MYTCL is keeping its environment in line with the international standards.The responsible personnels from PR & CSD department together with Kyaukmyet CSD rep also attended and contributed stationery for the students on the behalf of MYTCL.There are 72 students and 6 teachers in the Kyaukmyet primary school.

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