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Progressive Mine closure is a very important part of MYTCL's input into the S & K Project. One of the critical factors of Mine Closure for the MYTCL Management is to have open and transparent communications with the community and its leaders regarding the activities of closure.

On the 19th of December the Operations Manager and PR & CSD Manager, Mr. Glenn R.Wallis, invited the village CSD representatives for the 2nd time to participate in a site visit to stand on the ground and closely inspect the work that has commenced in person. Before heading to site the team was met by the Safety and Environmental Department Officer, U Ye Ngwe, who gave a site safety induction to the CSD visitors and prepared them with necessary PPE for the area they were to visit. Mr. Wallis personally led them on the site tour to explain commencement activities with a clear visual of the plans in action. While on site many questions were made regarding the activities and some technical responses were provided by Mr. Wallis. Following the visit one of the CSD Representatives from Kangon Village, U Moe Khine Oo sent a letter to the company with some further questions and observations from his visit. Operations management and CSD Superintendent U Kyaw Moe responded in kind to the observations and findings to detail the concerns and questions that the CSD Representative still had after the visit.

The visit was a success and Operations Management will conduct future ongoing visits with the community as part of the closure process. The Ministry of natural Resources, Environment and Conservation, the Regional Department of Environment, the Regional Minister of Agriculture, The Ministry of Mines and the Union led Inspection Committee for Mine Closure are all presented with quarterly reports, and conduct on site inspections during the year.

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