Maha Pahtan Blessings

mahar pahtan3There are religious activities in each month of the Myanmar calendar,.  The Maha Pahtan Recitation is one such event and is usually held in December, called Nattaw ( in the 9th month of the Myanmar calendar).

The 30th Maha Pahtan recitation opened in the Mine Town Nawart Hall from (24.12.2017) to (30.12.2017). This religious ceremony annually hails all of the Buddhist monks from MYTCL surrounding monasteries to participate in this event. It involves painstaking patience and dedication in order to recite the Maha Pahtan for 24 hours for a total of 7 days without ceasing the chanting. All monks join in this event, and it is a special honour to be invited to participate in this blessing of good fortune and luck from the gods.

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