Stray Dog Program

dogremoval 3MYTCL commits to maintaining world-class mining standards not only within the Mine Lease areas of the Monywa #1 Copper Mine - S&K, but also within the Mine Town community that has been established for employees and their families.

MYTCL implements a rigorous Management System based on the ISO 31000: Risk Management, and it runs through all operations and community experience. Committed to ensuring the safety of employees and their families within the S&K Mine Town, a Stray Dog Program was initiated in January of 2018 due to the dramatic increase in Stray Dog Attacks and the risk of rabies.

In order to follow with the majority of Buddhist's within the community and their faith, Operations Management was granted by the Managing Director, Mr. Zhang Yupeng, to commence a humane removal program to decrease the stray dogs living in the Mine Town as well as on site. Approximately 110 dogs have been removed to date and taken to Moe Htet Kha Stray Dog Shelter located in Nay Pyi Taw. Here the dogs will be sterilized so as to not increase the NGO shelter capacity, and cared for the duration of their stay.

In March the team will come for one final time as their shelter is now filled with our strays and remove an additional 50 dogs, or so. For the removal program, MYTCL donated $50 USD per dog to have them captured and transported to the shelter. The catching of the dogs was the most sensitive part of the program, and a Veterinarian was used to prepare blow-darts with a sleeping agent to put the dogs into a peaceful state so that QHSE employees and the team could gather them up without injury.

U Kyaw Thet Soe of QHSE led the sensitive program and MYTCL thanks him for his long hours and true efforts in managing the project. To all others who assisted, MYTCL's MD thanks them for their care and attention for the health of the Mine town community.

The program had 5 mandates:

  • To ensure a Safe Work Place for MYTCL’s Employees and Families
  • To maintain a Clean Environment for MYTCL’s Employees and Families
  • To protect the Health and welfare of MYTCL’s Employees and Families
  • To balance the Biodiversity of the area and its Ecosystems
  • To manage through proactive measure a rabies free zone for MYTCL

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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