Cooperation with Ywatha Community

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MYTCL's Mining Department are diligently informing our surrounding community about the use of blasting signals, evacuation procedures, location of blasting, and timing of a scheduled blast on a daily basis.

Ywatha Village farmlands are immediately against the perimeter fence-lines and is closely located within the safety blasting area of Lakekuntaung. In order to ensure community safety, all persons shall be cleared and removed from the blasting areas during the 30 minute signal times. In order to ensure that these safety processes are followed and understood, MYTCL's CSD team with the Mining Department are in cooperation with the Ywatha community to temporarily clear farmers or passersby from this close area and removed to a safe location prior to any scheduled blasting.

Be alert and share information - know the blasting time - blast area and clearing procedure - and do not enter the blast area until an "all-clear" has been sounded.

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Strategy Report 2018-2019

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