MMT Fiscal New Year Schedule

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Additional requisitions to include Thaedawgyi village was welcomed into the project for the 2017-2018 fiscal years without an increase to the budget, allowing the allocated $500,000 USD to continue to build community development projects and focus on Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.
There are two of these teams in operations; one for MYTCL and one for MWMCL. MYTCL and its sister company MWMCL worked together in operations last year. In order to improve visiting for health care and treatment, these two teams have been split on 1st April 2018. Now free of charge medical care villages totals 16 in the vicinity of the S&K Mine.
The name of villages MYTCL provides Mobile Medical Care for are:
1. Kangon 2. Dondaw 3. Gondaw 4. Ywatha 5. Yegyibin 6. Sei Htandawgyi 7. Mya Yake 8. Wadan 9. Tebinkan 10. Shwepankhine 11. Thaedawgyi 12. Kyaukmyet 13. Kyeethakya 14. Banenwechaung 15. Htannaunggon 16. Ayegone
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