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In order to further promote special operations for production safety, prevent and reduce safety accidents, Yang Tse company conducts fire fighting training among employees every year. On 7th May 2018 , MyanmarYang Tse company invited instructors from the fire center of Salingyi Township and Yin Mar Bin Township to conduct a two-week fire fighting knowledge and skill training for 30 employees.
The training includes fire fighting disciplines, fire hose quick connection skill, proper use of portable fire extinguishers, fire fighting knowledge and practical exercises. At the beginning of the training session, fire instructors started with typical examples of fire fighting, and provided in-depth explanations on fire hazards, fire fighting knowledge, use of fire-fighting facilities and equipment and the importance of building fire awareness. Through the training, the discipline of company's firefighting force was strengthened, fire emergency response capability was improved, fire fighting skills were also exercised. Especially, the firefighting safety awareness was further improved. The training will lay a foundation for efficient and orderly response to emergencies in the future.
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