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The School Talk Program includes the leadership of personnel from the PR & CSD Department, and with the QHSE Department, and is scheduled once a month for the schools within MYTCL areas. On October 5th, 2018 the school talk was held in the Ayegone Primary School. In order to enhance student's knowledge regarding environmental issues and safety, health knowledge, pollution, MYTCL professionals share their experiences and answer children's questions about the mining organization. There are many topics within the project such as safety, environmental concerns in copper production methodology, personal hygiene, and most critically the team focuses on the manners in which the MYTCL Company is maintaining its environment in line with international standards.
The Headmistress and 5 teachers, 71 students attended this program with much interest. The responsible representatives from the PR & CSD Department contributed stationary for the students on behalf of MYTCL.
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