71st Independence Day celebrations

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Independence Day is an annual public holiday in Myanmar on 4 January. Traditional festivals and sport activities are held across the country on that day.

The sports and entertainment festival with Myanmar traditional dance in commemoration of 71st Anniversary Myanmar Independence Day was held by MYTCL at Mine Town sports ground on 4th January, 2019. The sports event was attended the Managing Director and Chairman of MYTCL, Mr. Zhang Yupeng, presented a speech in opening ceremony, Chinese Staffs, heads of departments from MYTCL and invited guests from community. Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited yearly plays a part in the sport competitions in order to enhance good health and to promote unity and sportsmanship, many sport activities, such as running, pillow fight, badminton, volley ball, table-tennis, golf, volley ball and football at difference places.

All employees from MYTCL, villager from S & K project area and responsible personal from Myanmar Economic Heading Ltd participated in the sport competitions with much happiness. The winner from all competitions will be awarded prizes and trophies in mine town playground on 5, January, 2019. Sein Kyaw Zat Performance Group demonstrated for two days with a large crowd of people.

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