Dog Population & Rabies

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The areas surrounding the MYTCL S&K Mine-site have constantly been in jeopardy of overpopulation of dogs due to the kindness of the Myanmar people in leaving food out for the strays.

Unfortunately, this causes an enormous risk to the people as the dog populations explode out of control. MYTCL has in place a dog removal program, but it cannot keep up with the increase without taking severe actions. MYTCL management has chosen not to initiate a dog elimination program, but stays with the cultural attitudes of catch and release as opposed to termination.
On top of the dog population, monkeys have been found in mine Town and other areas as the populations from the surrounding mountains also have found themselves in a state of increase. Now the children are most at risk of being bitten and rabies is a primary concern.
In order to facilitate prevention MYTCL continues with educational programs on rabies.
On 21st January, 2019, Daw Shining Moon, a Staff Nurse of the MYTCL Mobile Medical Team gave a talk about "Health Education on Rabies" as a topic to students in the Basic Education High School compound of the Htanaunggon Village in the Salingyi Township. 305 Students, 25 Teachers and the village's Administrator attended this health talk. MYTCL have added to the value of life and health to the people of the region. Annually supporting a Mobile Medical Team and a team of doctors and nurses, village to village preventative healthcare is administered by the management of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited as part of the CSR Projects for the region.

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