30th Kathina Festival of MYTCL employee and their families

kahtain ceremony 1
MYTCL employees and families held their annual 30th Kathina Festival at the Nawaret Hall of Mine Town on the 2nd, November 2019. All of the departments from the mine operations with Mine Town School collaborated in this festival and donated new robes and other supplies to local monasteries. These offerings include everything from fans, towels, soap, and money hung upon the tree-like wooden decorated frame called a Padethapin.
In the evening of 2nd November, these Padetha trees together with other trees from the Mine Town were carried around the Mine Town with music. All the participants wore nice dresses and marched alongside of the trees. It was the grand moment of this festival and some were even dancing with the music. People came out of their house to look at the dances. MYTCL Managing Director, Mr. Wang Zhentang and senior staff joined in this cultural event and made offerings to the local monasteries
The receiving monastery is sent a Padethapin, which is determined by random selection, and carried by cars to send to the respected monasteries of the S&K Project on 3rd November; Shwe Bone Thar Monastery from Moe Kyo Bin Village, Shwe Ohne Bin Monastery from Paungga Village, and Aung Chan Si Monastery from Aung Chan Si Village.
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