Safety Induction Video Shooting Project

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Health and Safety videos are used by companies to train and inform staff members and guests to know the hazards before entering to the company, and how to take the necessary precautions in case of such a hazard. Many organizations create a safety Induction video for all their staff and contractors to complete as part of engaging new starters before they start working in the role.

For MYTCL we have created a film of safety Induction video for employees, filmed by Tagu Films Production. It is started to film on 20th November, 2019. In this film, Tagu Films filmed in the Mining area, Environmental Monitoring, how CCTV operations work, different types of PPE, ID cards, water resource management and interviews of employees. In the Mining area they shot the open pit mining, how digging and hauling vehicles are operating in this area, and the overall Mining process. In Environmental monitoring areas they mainly filmed how to control dust and mist in the mine site area. At the main gate they monitored how the employee goes to the mine site to work and ID card procedures to be followed for entrance. For CCTV operational works they shot the certificates and polices of CCTV operations. In water resource management the film crew was taken to collect water samples from the Chindwin River and how it operates at the pump station.

They interviewed the Myanmar and Chinese employees in order to explain about wearing different types of PPE and to outline the site’s safety and warning signs. In this Project, also was including the safety work permits, vehicle inspections, rescue team exercises, rules to observe in a vehicle, reporting a dangerous situation and Emergency Preparedness (Fire Drill). The video was filmed for a duration of six days.

On 26th November 2019, the production team ended the film on site filming and returned to Yangon to commence production. It is estimated that this film will be readied for January of 2020.

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