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Iso 45001 has been designed to replace OHSAS 18001. This new standard was initially proposed in 2013, and after an extensive consultation process that took into consideration more than 6,300 comments, the ISO released its first proper draft in January of 2016. In October of 2018, after careful deliberations on the ISO and almost 1-year overdue from expected delivery dates, ISO 45001:2018 was finalized and organisations utilising OHSAS had 3-years to transition their Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems to ISO 45001.

The HSE Director & Operations Manager developed a 5-year rolling plan commencing in early 2016 with the implementation of 2 other ISO’s managed by MYTCL; 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. This plan would strategically align the MYTCL organisation with the structure of the new ISO format called Annex SL, a 10-Clause format that would be consistent with all of the newly developed ISO. This would have a direct impact on the company’s IMS- Integrated Management System, and from the opinion of Operations Management, this would take an army to complete the transitions with success. There were also the current certification expiry dates to contend with as they were valid for a period of only 3-years.

In preparations the HSE Director personally enrolled in Lead Auditor training for the ISO’s overseas, and has been accredited with SGS IRCA international certification in order to lead the MYTCL organisation into the new ISO management requirements.

In January of 2017 ISO 9001:2015 was achieved and in December of the same year ISO 14001:2015, more than 1.5 years ahead of schedule.


In 2016, the Managing Director & Chairman of MYTCL, Mr. Zhang Yupeng, gave permission for the HSE Director & Operations Manager to commence a very unique plan in order to achieve the success of attaining all 3 new ISO on time, with comprehensive understanding, and fluidly throughout the organisation so that it was not only completed and certified to the new standards, but that the company could manage the new certification in a sustainable manner. The plan was the creation of the ISO Officer Programme. This project would later define the MYTCL organisation as forward thinking and competent in its management of achieving great tasks with local peoples.

The HSE Director took the lead role in personally training a group of 12 persons spanning the scope of the organisation’s departments, including Yangon. Reporting directly to his/her Mother Department Superintendent and to Senior Management, the priority of this role is to communicate with management and each and every departmental person within the assigned department to harmonise quality, occupational health, safety and environmental measures of the ISO Standards’ Programs. Key focus lies within maintaining the achieved certifications and constantly improving on the sustainable development on the QHSE system on all company’s activities. Document transformation to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 were the Milestones of this role to achieve. Management and change of all documentation and Departmental Systems to the new ISO Standards, Department Staff training and organisation between QHSE Department and assigned department were also objectives of this 5-year transformation goal.

The ISO Officers and Operations Management went to work. Finding new ways to bring awareness to the employee base was often entertaining, and the ISO Officer took every advantage possible to train and engage both management and line workers.

In June of 2019 the final of the 3 new ISO to achieve, ISO 45001:2018 was officially certified by SGS for the MYTCL organisation more than 2-years ahead of completion deadlines of 2021. In conjunction with this the HSE Director also rewrote the entire IMS, integrating all of the new 10-Clause format into the structure of the IMS. The ISO Officer had fulfilled their roles as leaders of the ISO, working hand in hand with the HSE Department and the HSE Director. ISO 45001 has many new attributes that are not apparent in the previous 18001 UK standard. One primary focus is on leadership and also what is called non-managerial worker participation. The standard now enrols the top of an organisation to interact with all employees, and to collaborate in order to work as a unit towards continual improvement as is directed through the ISO standards.


The project now has an additional 5-year planning in effect to enhance the employee knowledge base and to fortify the ISO comprehension throughout all designations within the company. The ISO Officer continues to develop and to support the knowledge base of all the employees within each department. Working as a team, as well as individual councillors for management within each department, the ISO Officer role will continue to be to engage the organisation to improve its business management, environmental awareness, and most importantly the occupational health and safety of its most precious of assets, the MYTCL employees.

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