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Recently, innovative approaches have been generated in the disinfection process to assist in reducing the transmission of COVID-19. A variety of approaches has been invented to execute the disinfection process, physically via box, chamber, tunnel, partition, confined space or gate. Automatic dispersion of disinfectant to individuals is activated once a person steps in or passes through the box, chamber, tunnel, partition, booth or gate, which is made possible by an infra-red sensor or motion sensor embedded in the device. The spraying process takes approximately 20 to 30 seconds in each round of disinfection.

There is a claim that this technology could prevent and limit the spread of bacteria and virus in the current COVID-19 pandemic. The box used is modular designed, and can be transported, easily installed and uninstalled. This technology has been used in Turkey, India, China, and Thailand in a variety of settings, namely hospital, market, industrial complex and administrative buildings. Disinfectants being used in the device vary as well. As claimed, this device can be installed at every entrance of high-risk areas, such as hospitals, airports, train stations, bus stations, supermarkets, factories, schools, and other crowded areas like the main entrances of Mine Town and Mine Site.

To kill pathogens and other kinds of microorganisms, disinfectant sprays are used. Collaborating with the Mine Town Health Committee, MYTCL installed three disinfection chambers at the entrance of the main gate to cleanse any persons coming into contact with the COVID-19 virus, or any other bacteriological or viral entities. No one is permitted to enter the Mine Town area before entering this chamber. This is another project supported by the Top Management of MYTCL to protect the residents of Mine Town at all costs.

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