Dormitories Leaders Awards Ceremony

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During the prevention campaigns of MYTCL, employees have volunteered to live and work within the site areas with all living arrangements and food prepared, and supplied, by the company. An incredible union of willing employees collaborated with the company to make this happen, and to keep employees functioning with job security. MYTCL’s focus during this time is to ensure that the company can continue to operate safely with a focus on ISO 45001 and Occupational Health and Safety as a priority.

Dormitories and living arrangements have been supplied to more than 1,300 employees, and as you can imagine, there is a lot of organizing and personal requests to coordinate. In order to have systematic discipline within the dormitories, dormitory leadership is assigned to volunteers. These dormitory leaders work not only during the working hours on-site, but also outside of working hours to ensure the convenience of their dormitory residents. In honour of these leaders an award was established to show gratitude, and to inspire continued support of these persons volunteering to lead their colleagues. The Centralized Management Committee selected and presented the awards to dormitories leaders on 31st July, 2020.

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