2019-2020 CSR Budget Meeting

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Myanmar Yang Tse donates a total of $700,000 USD to the 18 villages surrounding the mine lease. This is one of the highest CSR budgets in Myanmar. During the past 6 months the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the villages and MYTCL to exercise great caution, and the CSR projects were momentarily suspended to ensure community safety.

Yimarbin Township Management Committee reviewed the activities to be carried out for the 2019-2020 CSR budget allocations to 9 villages within the Yimarbin Township. A formal meeting was held on September 1st 2020 at 16:00 pm at the Yimarbin Township Administrator’s Office.  The purpose for this meeting is to enable the 9 villages in Yimarbin Township to successfully implement the activities of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited on the 2019-2020 CSR budget allocations for the previous fiscal year that had still to be realized. Depending on the provisions of MYTCL and MEHL’s 2019-2020 CSR budget, the detailed jobs and quotations must be reported before the 9th of September by the village administrators. CSD representatives and 5-member committee are now responsible for the commitments and the village communications to be carried out for their independent village submissions. The meeting concluded at 17:00 pm.

Strategy Report 2019-2020


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