Maintenance Department Celebrates 1,000 LTI Free Days

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Since 2017 the Maintenance Department of MYTCL has made it their goal to regain their previous 1,000 LTI Free man-days record, and achieved this target on April 21st, 2020. The Maintenance Department is one of the high-risk departments at Yang Tse, where electricity, mechanical pumps and accessories, construction, and civil works comprise their day-to-day activities. Without a comprehensive safety management plan, and a strict adherence regime to that plan, fatalities and serious injuries could easily occur.

Thanks to the extreme diligence of the Maintenance department staff, and to the leadership, the department has once again gained status at MYTCL as one of the safest operating departments within the organization.

Top Management congratulates the entire department, from general laborers and office staff to skilled laborers and engineers for this incredible achievement. The Australian labor department in 2019 recorded an LTI-FR (Frequency Rate) of 4.3 for every million manhours worked, and an LTI-IR (Incident Rate) of 9.1 persons injured for every 1,000 workers. MYTCL Maintenance Department recorded a 0.0 LTI-FR and LTI-IR over the past 3 years consecutively.

Operations Manager, Wallis, placed a challenge to the department to achieve 2,000 LTI Free Days. In approximately 3 years we will see if they have met the test with success.

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